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Screening Equipment - Terex Finlay

312 Hydrascreen 312 Hydrascreen
The Finlay 312 Hydrascreen is a versatile screening unit that offers the operator the capacity and ability of producing high profit graded materials at a relatively low cost. Options include single or twin deck vibrating grid, chopper unit, catwalks and washing equipment. Typical applications include sand and gravel, limestone, topsoil, coal and slag...
312 Hydrascreen
390 Hydrascreen 390 Hydrascreen
The Finlay 390 Hydrascreen is a high performance portable screening plant developed to fulfill the demands of todays high production aggregate producer. Fitted with hydraulic variable angle adjustment on the screenbox and a high capacity belt feed Hopper, the 390 is equally impressive screening coal or washing sand and gravel... more >>
390 Hydrascreen 390 Hydrascreen
595 Hydratrak 595 Hydratrak
The 595 Hydratrak is designed for maximum on-site mobility and incorporates a high specification track drive and undercarriage which can be controlled from a hand held radio control.The engine canopy is designed for easy servicing, while heavy-duty coverplates protect the twin track undercarriage.... more >>
595 Hydratrak 595 Hydratrak
663 Supertrak 663 Supertrak
The Finlay 663 Supertrak range has been developed to work in smaller confined spaces. Available on tracks or as a wheeled unit, the 663 combines the functions of scalping, screening and stockpiling into the one integrated mobile unit. Applications are wide-ranging but the 663 is equally impressive screening sand and gravel, topsoil or crushed stone... more >>
663 Supertrak 663 Supertrak
683 Supertrak 683 Supertrak
The Finlay 683 Supertrak and Hydrscreen range incorporate the popular idea of a complete three way split scapling, screening and stockpiling unit with the latest in on site mobility... more >>
683 Supertrak 683 Supertrak 683 Supertrak Video
693 Supertrak 693 Supertrak
The Finlay 693 Supertrak and Superscreen range are designed and developed to fulfill the demands of todays high production producer coupled with a greater need for on site mobility... more >>
693 Supertrak 693 Supertrak 693 Supertrak Video
694 Supertrak 694 Supertrak
3 Deck Screen with innovative 4 way split. The Finlay 694 is the latest success story in mobile screening and is viewed as a major benefit for contract crushing operators. The oversize plus product can be fed into a secondary crusher before re-screening, or a fourth product can be stockpilied which often elimimates the need for an additional screen... more >>
694 Supertrak 694 Supertrak 694 Supertrak Video
740 Trommel 740 Trommel
The 740 Single skin trommel with changeable barrel is ideal for topsoil and compost users....
740 Trommel
770 Trommel 770 Trommel
The Finlay 770 Trommel has been designed to meet today's demand for sensible and cost effective recycling solutions...
770 Trommel
790 Trommel 790 Trommel
The Finlay 790 Trommel has been designed specifically for processing light demolition debris, Aggregates, Yard Waste, Topsoil and Compost 'Green Waste' applications. Developed for high production rates, it is capable of screening 200 tonnes per hour (depending on material type and condition)...
790 Trommel
883 Reclaimer 883 Reclaimer
The Finlay 883 is designed to work as an aggregate screener after a primary crusher or on it's own as a frontline screening machine. Applications include quarry waste, construction and demolition debris, topsoil and aggregates. Processing at a rate of up to 500 tonnes per hour, the key to the 883 is its adaptability, whatever the application or industry... more >>
883 Reclaimer 883Reclaimer 883 Reclaimer Video

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